Banking Qualifications

With the breadth of roles within banking, there are a variety of qualifications which people pursue depending upon the job that they do.

For those working in retail and corporate banking, qualifications that develop an understanding of the products and services that banks offer individuals and small and medium sized companies are essential.  This can include giving advice on mortgages, savings, investments and longer financial planning.  Investment banking requires an understanding of how financial deals are structured, how the stock markets operate and how corporate finance deals are executed. It is important that all banking professionals understand a professional banking code of conduct.

Retail and corporate banking qualifications are offered by:

Qualifications relevant to careers in investment banking are offered by:

Elements of banking are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to ensure consumer protection, financial stability, reduce financial crime, and increase public awareness and market confidence.  As a result, there are some jobs in banking which are ‘regulated functions’.  To do these jobs you must have one of the ‘Appropriate Qualifications’ identified by the FSA.  Our job profiles incorporate Appropriate Qualifications for each regulated function. To see the entire list of exams consult the FSA Appropriate Qualifications List.

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